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Your Local Raccoon Removal company Fleming Termite & Pest Control in Royersford, PA 19468 specializes in raccoon control and removal services. Raccoons are highly intelligent animals that can tear or dig into attics, chimneys, porches and crawl spaces for shelter and enter into wall spaces and ceilings. Fleming Termite & Pest Control’s raccoon removal services provide you with a humane removal & trapping process.

Raccoons are a significant carrier of rabies among wildlife. We can safely remove the raccoons, clean up and decontaminate the area. We are fully insured.

We respond immediately to EVERY call! Our company has over 90 years’ experience providing live raccoon removal in Royersford, PA 19468.

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Quick Raccoon Facts in Royersford, PA 19468.

  • Raccoons are highly intelligent, mischievous animals. They eat nearly everything
  • They are stocky mammals about two to three feet long, weighing between 10 to 50 pounds
  • Marked distinctively with a prominent black mask over the eyes and a heavily furred, ringed tail, raccoons are typically salt and pepper gray, though some are a yellow color
  • Raccoons are active usually at night
  • Their mating season is January through March and gives birth one-two months later with an average of four-five babies
  • Raccoons create a lot of destruction in their path, their tracks are very distinct
  • They eat plants, insects, and animals
  • They live where food is readily available. When they begin to come into human territory, they eat from garbage cans and pet food left outside
  • They can be very vicious animals when they feel threatened

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