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Your Local Mice Removal company Fleming Termite & Pest Control in Aston, PA 19014 specialize in mice control and removal services. Mice can be found anywhere and everywhere. Fleming Termite & Pest Control’s mice removal services provide you with a humane removal & trapping process.

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We can eliminate your mice problem quickly and are fully insured. We respond immediately to every call! Our company has over 90 years’ experience providing live mice removal in Aston, PA 19014

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Effective Mouse Control

Effective mouse control involves sanitation, mouse proof construction and
population reduction. The first two are useful as preventive measures. When a mouse infestation already exists, some form of population reduction is almost always necessary.

Reduction techniques include trapping and poisoning. Snap trapping and exclusion work best to remove mice from your home.

Exclusion techniques include seal cracks and openings in building foundations and openings for water pipes, vents, and utilities with metal or concrete. Doors, windows, and screens should fit tightly. It may be necessary to cover the edges with metal to prevent gnawing. Plastic sheeting or screen, wood, rubber or other gnawable materials are unsuitable for plugging holes used by mice.

Mice can contaminate your food and countertops. Mice can ruin your property,
vehicles, and boats with their nesting material, urine, and droppings. They also chew wires on your house and vehicles that can cause thousands of dollars to fix not to mention nesting and ruining your vehicle’s upholstery and interior.

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