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Flea & Tick Removal Service in Royersford, PA 19468

We are Your Local Top Rated & Best Flea & Tick removal Company- We get rid, eliminate and Exterminate Fleas & Ticks

Your Local Flea & Tick Removal company Fleming Termite and Pest Control in Royersford, PA 19468 specializes in Flea & Tick removal services. Fleas are wingless, with mouth parts adapted for piercing skin and sucking blood. Fleas & Ticks are external parasites, living off the blood of mammals and birds. Fleming’s Flea & Tick removal services provide you with immediate and effective results.

We are fully insured and can eliminate your Flea & Tick problem quickly and safely. We respond immediately to EVERY call!. Our company has over 90 Years experience providing quality Flea & Tick removal in Royersford, PA 19468

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Three Steps and Your Fleas Are Gone in Royersford, PA 19468.

  • A customized treatment is used to eliminate live fleas and prevent eggs and hatchlings from developing
  • The homeowner completes a thorough vacuuming of all rugs, carpeting, flooring, and furniture. We’ll show you how
  • If a pet is involved they’ve to be treated at the same time by a vet or animal handler

Exterior perimeter power sprays available. Call us now for a FREE phone consultation or to schedule your appointment.

Do I Need a Tick Prevention Program? In Royersford, PA 19468.

Most experts recommend taking precautionary measures against deer (blacklegged) and dog ticks because they can spread disease. Ticks go through 4 life stages over the course of 3 years and must eat blood at each stage to survive; for each cycle they find a new ‘host’. A tick needs a new host at each stage to survive, so one that survives will ‘exchange fluids’ with 4 different hosts: human and animal.

Commonly Asked Questions

  • Is the treatment safe for children and pets?
  • Available appointments?
  • How fast can we come out?
  • Is there any environmental impact?
  • Are there ‘greener alternatives?

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